Julich Supercomputing Center Boots Up GPU Cluster

Germany's Julich Supercomputing Center (JSC) has gone live with its new Julich Dedicated GPU Environment (JUDGE) cluster, which will be used for ensemble simulations in climate and atmospheric research, as well as for data analysis and simulations on big data sequences in biology and brain research.

JUDGE will enable JSC to optimize the applications for the highest performance. The hybrid system uses graphical general processing units (GPGPUs) and conventional processors. GPGPUs can help boost performance without significantly increasing energy consumption, which is important because improvements in energy efficiency will allow further supercomputing advancements in the future. NVIDIA's Stefan Kraemer says the JUDGE cluster is a good example of how computers need to continue to be developed in the future, following the target of exascale computing. "This is valid not only in regard to performance, but also to energy consumption and energy efficiency," he says. "Pilot projects like JUDGE play a key role in this process and are a key step on the way to hybrid systems.

Source HPCwire: May 07, 2011

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