Seminar: Hackers, Supercomputers and Faster Finite Element Modelling

Dr Lee Margetts will be giving a talk on ParaFEM, with question and answer session, on Wednesday 12 December, 2-3pm, Room C53, Sackville Street Building, University of Manchester.

Are you using a commercial finite element analysis package? Do your finite element analyses take a very long time to run? Have you simplified your model so much that it no longer represents the physics of your problem? Are these issues serious limitations to your research output? Supercomputers now have hundreds of thousands of processing elements and provide programs with access to terabytes of memory. This means it is theoretically possible to solve very large and/or complex problems in a reasonable time. Unfortunately, the gap between commercial finite element software and the capability of supercomputing facilities is widening. This talk will discuss whether an army of “hackers” could fill that gap by developing open source parallel finite element software. In particular, the speaker will introduce the ParaFEM project and an accompanying textbook to be published in 2013.