New Members

Information for New Members

Thank you for registering on the ParaFEM website. You will now be able to add comments to articles and images, upload your own images, download the ParaFEM software packages and submit content of your own e.g., projects, images, news items and events.

Member Profiles

We encourage all registrants to add a photo or picture and update their profile (also available from the Control Panel side menu). It would be great if you could find time to do this. From there you will also be able to make connections with other members, send and receive Private Messages and review your submitted content, By visiting the User menu/page you can also view the profiles of all the other ParaFEM Members.

Community Building

The website uses community building technology, so there are places for you to discuss different topics, such as the Sourceforge forum, and to promote your own papers, projects, courses or events using the links in the Submit Content side menu e.g., Project and General News.


If you are using the ParaFEM software in a project, then please consider submitting a Project article and tell the community all about it. Projects are currently categorized around disciplines and can be accessed from the Projects menu once published. After moderator approval your project will be published and a specific image gallery will be created for any related image content.


The ParaFEM, ParaFEM-Viewer and related tools can be downloaded as packages from the Downloads section of the site. Alternatively if you wish to obtain the latest source code (which cannot be guaranteed to be fully functional) then please visit the Sourceforge repository. If you wish to contribute to the software development then please contact Dr. Lee Margetts directly.


If you have any issues, problems, questions or suggestions, then please contact us by using the discussion forum on Sourceforge.